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Social stories

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The following social stories may help you explain our current circumstances to your children.  It is recommended that you read/watch them first to establish the best fit for your child/ren.

The Little Gnome who has to Stay at Home

My name is Coronavirus

by Manuela Molina -

Social Script for Coronavirus

by Sue Larkey

Link to info about using social scripts

by Sue Larkey

Link to Coronavirus: How to Help Children with Autism and How I can Help you

by Sue Larkey

What is the Coronavirus?

by The Autism Educator

What's Covid-19?

by Autism WA

Covid-19 - What can I do?

by Autism WA

My Story About Pandemics and the Coronavirus

by Carol Gray

A Social Story about Social Distancing

by Illinois Autism Society

A Video explaining Covid-19 to kids 

by Science Mom

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A blog by Psychologist Dr Theresa Kidd about Covid-19, ASD and Anxiety

This is a blog with helpful information on COVID -19 and ASD including links to handwashing song videos and sneezing into elbow videos.

A Social Story about Jokes - funny or not?

(This would be useful for helping older kids with ASD learn to be careful about making Covid-19 jokes)

by Amanda Styles, Sp Path

The Country is on Lockdown using Key Word Sign

by Alex Kelly

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Changing my plans because of Coronavirus 

by Bronwyn Sutton, Sp Path

Talking about Death 

by Bronwyn Sutton, Sp Path

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