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For 20 years, Andrea Houlihan Speech Pathology has been dedicated to serving the Yarra Valley Community. The demand for high quality, family centred Speech Pathology services in our region continues to grow and so we are growing with it! Welcome to Beyond Speech!


Beyond Speech is dedicated to providing high quality, family centred Speech Pathology and Orofacial Myology services to the Yarra Valley and surrounds.


Previously known as Andrea Houlihan, Speech Pathology, our Practice has grown in recent years and it was time we found a name that embodied our growing team and reflected who we support and what we do. And so, Beyond Speech was born. 


We work in the areas of speech and language, feeding and swallowing, learning and literacy, fluency, communication skills including and social skills. We work with infants, young children, teens and adults including in aged care.  Our highly experienced team work with people with a range of abilities and disabilities including developmental delay, learning difficulties, feeding difficulties, Autism, Down Syndrome, other syndromes and degenerative diseases. 


Beyond Speech has an excellent working relationship with schools, other Allied Health professionals, medical and educational service providers within the area. Our collaborative and family centred approach is highly regarded and sought after.


Our Services


Assessment and treatment of difficulties with speech sounds, expressive language, receptive language (comprehension), fluency (stuttering), social skills and voice.



Assessment, treatment and consultation services are available to individual students and schools, including support for teachers with literacy development, classroom strategies, and general problem solving.


Assessment and treatment of spelling and reading difficulties is available for all ages.



Swallowing and communication skills can become difficult following stroke, illness or with the progression of age or dementia.   Andrea can provide assessment and treatment in either the home or nursing home setting.


Orofacial Myology is the therapy for proper orofacial muscle function in relation to dental and speech development. Orofacial Myology uses positive behaviour modification to eliminate habits which can create negative dental and facial growth patterns. 


We assess and treat feeding difficulties including early breast or bottle feeding, commencing or progressing through solids or picky eaters.


Dedicated to quality family centred therapy

Speech is just a part of what we do.  We work on communication including AAC, language, swallowing and feeding, fluency, orofacial myology, learning, literacy and social skills.

Our whole person, family centred approach enables us to work beyond speech and help our clients to reach their greatest potential. 

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