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Intake Program

In an effort to support the needs of clients currently on our waitlist, Beyond Speech has developed an Intake Program where an experienced Clinician provides up to four sessions, including an Initial Appointment.

Intake Program

All of our clients start with an Initial Appointment - during this session, we discuss your concerns, go through background information and observe the client, and undertake some screening. Following this session, we provide you with a single page Initial Appointment letter that briefly summarises the session and next steps.

Under our Intake program, there will be the option of an additional 3 sessions with a Senior Clinician to conduct further screening assessment, guide commencement of NDIS application, provide referrals to other professionals such as Ear Nose and Throat specialists (ENT), our Orofacial Myology program, Occupational Therapy (OT), Music Therapy (MT) or provide strategies for you to use while you wait for an ongoing appointment.

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