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Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Well hello there!

Welcome to my new website and blog!

Its been a cold few weeks here in Healesville. Whilst we didnt get that snow that was promised on Wednesday, I know some of our clients in Toolangi did wake up to some snow - so hooray for you!!

I hope to post some interesting info here about all things to do with Speech Pathology in the Yarra Valley and surrounds.

Ive just returned from a terrific four day course with Sounds Write - a program for teaching reading and spelling skills - it was great to consolidate skills and develop some new ones to help my clients grow in confidence with reading and spelling. If you're interested, you can learn more about sounds-write here - sounds-write.

Ive also been moving the practise into the 21st century introducing a new client management software program (sorry to those who received lots of emails in error as I tried to work out the send settings!!); a new accounting program; a new website; and a new office! Many thanks to Warren Gibson of Healesville Psychology for welcoming me into their fold; Damian North of Journey Wines for his business management, marketing and IT advice; Eva Harrold of Healesville Speech Pathology for her ongoing collegiate support, advice and encouragement; and my husband and kids who have been supportive, patient and enthusiastic.

Well, that's all for now. Looking forward to keeping you up to date with all things Speech Pathology!

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