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  • Andrea Houlihan

Healthy Breathing, ’Round the Clock

Its been a while since Ive posted, so thought Id start the year with a really important topic...

Problems with airway functioning during sleep can hurt children’s health. Speech Pathologists, alongside other professionals, are on the front lines of identification and intervention.

"When was the last time you thought about breathing? Every 24 hours, people take roughly 28,000 breaths, amounting to some 700 million breaths over the course of a typical lifetime. Breathing delivers the oxygen to our blood that fuels every living cell in our body—and the brain consumes 20 percent of that oxygen".

"Airway function disorders can interfere with language, learning and academics, executive function skills, socialisation, self-regulation, and behavioral and emotional health"

Click the link to read this fascinating and important article from the American Speech and Hearing Association's magazine, The ASHA Leader, February 2018, Vol. 23, 48-54.

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