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Great Family Movies

Finding a movie that the whole family can enjoy is not easy.  It can also be challenging to find a film that you feel is suitable for your kids and family.  We've put together a list of great movies but also added some tools to help you work out if they are right for you and your kids.  

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Getting info about the content of a film and some idea of it's suitability for your kids is really important. We recommend the following tools to help you....  you can search by movie name or age group or genre ....



Dont know what to watch?  You can use these tools for some ideas based on your interests:

Family friendly movie lists

Here is a list of great family friendly films and where you can access them from such as Toy Story, The Lion King, Enchanted and more ...

This list contains great Australian Family targeted at older kids and teens including films such as Babe, BMX Bandits and Storm Boy -

Commonsense media have lots of lists such as this one -

Here is a list of seven movies to help little kids learn about big emotions -

Commonsense Media Link
Kids-in-mind website
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