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Save yourself time and effort by downloading this report template for a full Speech and Language assessment of school aged children.   This same report could be adapted for preschool children also.      


All the hard work has been done for you.  This template Includes sections relevant to CELF 5 on receptive and expressive language, language content, language structure, phonological awareness, and brief sections on pragmatics, voice, articulation, fluency. The report includes a substantial list of implications, a list of tasks your students may experience difficulty and a range of useful recommendations that can selected relevant to language and speech outcomes and an appendix page with an explanation about test scores.   The report is written in language terms that are user friendly to parents and teachers.


You can use this template as is or copy and paste this template into your patient management software (eg. cliniko) to enable you to create a template to create ongoing letters/reports seemlessly.  


*For Speech Pathology Professionals Only*


Purchase price is for a single user license.


Speech Pathology Report Template

  • .docx file (will also work in mac computers using Pages)

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