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Screen Free Activities

As tempting as screens may be, it is still really important to spend plenty of time doing other things as well.  We all know that too much screen time makes everyone a bit grumpy, adults included!

Boys in garden

Check out this awesome list of 101 things to do with kids!

Here are some other ideas:

Make a cubby (inside or outside)

Make an obstacle course (inside or outside)

Have a teddy bear picnic on your lawn

Go camping at home!  

Set up a tent in your lounge room or backyard

Learn a dance together 

Put on a play

Try a kid-friendly workout or mindfulness routine

Set up a treasure hunt in your garden

Draw on your path with chalk

Play "I Spy" while outdoors

Try flying a kite if your backyard is big enough!

Arts and Crafts

Now is the time to roll out the glitter and glue! In our house, we had a 'useful box' like the one on Playschool where all the bits and pieces went such as cardboard, boxes, tubs, lids etc ready and waiting for one of the kids to create something new! Perhaps it's time to start one if you haven't already got one - surely you've got a few toilet rolls lying around!  Here are some awesome crafty, arty ideas:

Here's a little crafty thing you could do posted by Local Healesville Artist, Clare James -


The 12 Bean Soup Mix Project!

Have a sorting race. 
1 tbs of mix per person, per plate. 
First to sort into seperate colour groups wins. 
Then, you can use sorted beans and grains to make growing mandalas. 
We used 3 cotton balls each inside an old lid.
Clare is also growing carrot tops on the window sill. And sprouting bird seed 'gardens'.
Keep moist on a windowsill and watch grow.

Soup Mix Craft
Drawing task.jpg

Try some shadow drawing ....

Here are some other great links:

Red Tent Art- step by step instructions on art projects including origami, 3D cards, clay pots, etc-

Mo Willems, the author of ‘Don’t let the Pigeon Stay up Late’ is uploading daily drawing lessons-

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